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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pour some sugar on me!!

Livin' on a Prayer

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Summer of '69


99 Red Balloons

Jessie's Girl

Eye of the Tiger

Jack and Diane

Total Eclipse of the Heart


Wake me up Before you Go Go

What do all of these songs have in common? Only that they are all from one of the greatest decades of music that ever existed. And me being the lucky girl that I am had the joy of hearing them all performed live by the most amazing 80's cover band ever, The Legwarmers.

Words cannot describe the music, dancing, legwarmers, bangs, and bright colors that made this night one of the greatest thus far in my life. So I'll just stop writing and post some photos. Sigh, it was a dream come true.

Oh, but I do just need to say that the lead guitarist/vocalist, "Cru" and I had a serious flirtation going on during the concert (I may have been pressed right up against the stage) and I actually met him after the concert!!! To quote a great movie that I'm watching right now "I was star struck" (anyone?)


  1. DID YOU CUT YOUR HAIR??? It looks shorter but I can't tell if it's just the way you did your hair!

    anyway I love all of your outfits!!

  2. yes she definitely cut it! and yeah I'm DEFINITELY obsessed with your outfits bex! So fun!

  3. Words can not begin to express my jealousy over this night that you got to participate in and I did not. Holy smokes. I am green with envy.. (what a weird phrase) Anyway, you are ridiculously hot and I am so glad we are sisters. LOVE