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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Life in the Salt Lake Valley

This post was supposed to happen a few weeks ago but life has been CRAZY lately, of course. I started my new job as a recruiter for Deloitte and I moved down to Salt Lake. Neither of those would be bad by themselves, but when you combine them it makes life a little bit stressful.

The good news is, even though this job is probably the most stressful I've ever had, it is also the most fun. I have met so many wonderful people and learned so much. I would try to give a list of all my responsibilities, but I'm still learning what they are. I am in Provo on BYU campus at least once a week, I have been to Utah State and University of Utah. I've been to San Francisco twice for trainings and I was actually assigned to the Honolulu, Hawaii office as well. So if all goes as planned, I'll be forced to go there at least once a year. Rough, I know.

I am still adjusting to living in Salt Lake, but it's coming. The best part of my current living situation is my commute. I live three, yes three, blocks from my office. It takes me 12 minutes to walk from my front door to my cubicle. Happiness. I think this world would be a better place if everyone could walk to work. This also means that I am only three blocks from temple square. I love this. I have been on tours of the conference center and the Beehive House. I've been to the temple a few times and am always humbled by the sacrifices made to construct that beautiful building.

I'm not going to lie, I miss DC everyday, mostly all the wonderful people there. But I still feel like this is where I'm supposed to be. The best part about living here is being closer to my family. I have 4 siblings, one sister-in-law and two nephews living in Provo. My parents are just 4 hours away in Cedar City with 3 more siblings. And my sister Janae and her family live just 4 hours away in Meeker, CO. This means I get to see them all a lot more. I love this. My family are my best friends and I am loving being close to them. I also have a lot of aunts, uncles and cousins in the area who I get to see more. Family, isn't it about time.

I'm still working on the social scene here in the valley. Fortunately, I know a few people who have been super helpful with all the moving and craziness of my life. I really don't know what I would have done without their help. If anyone is coming to visit, you better call me. I would love to see you.

All in all, life is good. Really busy, but good.

Some photos of the good times with the fam.

Oh so cute! Good times on condo row with the sisters.

Cute little Benson
I love this little man. He called me the other day to ask me if I could come over.

Allie set up her own nail shop out on the deck. Janae called a friend to come over and get her nails done. So great.

Devin and Dill Pickle and Allie and Tyler.

What a great uncle.

Happiest Tyler face we've ever seen.

I love this girl. Favorite, favorite.

We drove down to surprise Shandi at her play. She totally rocked the role of one of Joseph's brothers (I can't remember which one).