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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What happened next

I promised myself that I will blog at least once a month for posterity's sake, and for all of you back on the East coast who are just DYING to know more about what's going on in my life. In normal life, it might be a challenge to come up with something really exciting to post every month. But as most of you know my life has been anything but normal lately. So here comes the latest update.

Some of you may recognize the above logo. It's a well known accounting firm, and happens to be my former employer. You're probably asking yourself, what does this have to do with Becca's new life? She slammed the door on accounting with no plans of going back. That is exactly what I did, and my intentions have not changed. But Deloitte is in fact my new employer. But rather than wasting away in a cubicle crunching numbers, I will be recruiting bright young college students to fill those positions. In other words, I am the newest campus recruiter for Deloitte. I'll be based out of SLC and focusing primarily on BYU but will also cover Utah State and University of Utah. My job description includes talking to people (LOVE!), planning events (LOVE!), traveling (LOVE!), and of course some administrative stuff. Can anyone imagine a job more fitting for yours truly? Because I cannot. Which brings me to how this job fell into my lap.

I have actually coveted this job since I was recruited at BYU; as I was interviewing for accounting positions, I secretly wanted to be a recruiter. At the time Deb Vranes and Arianne Weekes were the campus recruiters. I helped them out with stuff occasionally and we became good friends. Before I left Deloitte I had a conversation with Deb about my interest in her position and she was supportive, but said I'd need to get some recruiting experience. Well I ended up leaving Deloitte and figured that was that. Imagine my surprise when just days after moving to Park City to start my job as a cashier at Deer Valley, Arianne called to let me know that a campus recruiter position was open in SLC and she thought I would be perfect for the job. Her words were something like, "I know you're not looking for a REAL job right now, but I just thought I would see if you were interested." She was right, I wasn't looking for a REAL job. As you can see from my prior post, I am COMPLETELY happy with my current life. But there are certain opportunities in life that you just can't let pass by. So Arianne turned in my resume, I had two phone interviews, an office interview and a week after that they offered me the job. Probably the easiest, least stressful job application experience I've ever had. And I still can't believe it. I am so excited to start my new job.

So for all of you who thought I was supposed to move to Utah to find my husband (still looking), I'm pretty sure this job was a huge part of it. Which makes me grateful, for a lot of reasons. I have 4 siblings living in Provo right now, 3 at BYU. And since I am going to be on campus about once a week, I'll get to see them a lot. And I have a lot of other family in the area as well. I love family, especially my family. They are my favorite. I'm grateful I'll have the chance to use the experiences I've already had to help other people make decisions about their future. I'm grateful I'll get to work with and meet a lot of wonderful people. I'm grateful I'll be earning enough money to buy a ticket to visit D.C. and all the wonderful people there SOON! And I am especially grateful to know that Heavenly Father has a plan for me, even if it's not quite what I expected. Knowing that I'm where I'm supposed to be makes my life just about as good as it can get.

Five of the Haynie sisters plus one cousin. Tara was visiting this weekend and we went to the BYU ward where Bree, Kendra and Saryn all go. The Elder's Quorum handed out roses for Valentine's Day. Not awkward at all... (Tara and I may have hid in the hall while they were being passed out, but one of the guys came and found us anyway)