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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Christmas, New Year's Eve and the Snowpocalypse!!

I'm stuck inside and have been for more hours than I care to think about. This is courtesy of the craziest set of winter storms that the Washington DC area has ever seen...or at least that any one who is alive can remember. Snow fall records have been broken right and left. All of this has resulted in me working from home for several days and spending a lot of quality time with my roommate Christina. Our most recent endeavor to keep ourselves from going crazy was an impromptu dance party. It started at the end of Step Up 2 and we just had to keep going. Here are some photos to show all the fun we have had. Shoveling up a storm and baking delicious things. Baked French toast, cinnamon rolls, and tortilla soup. We figured if we were going to be confined to the house at least we would be well fed. :)

So here are some photos of my Christmas break, which was wonderful. This first one is the family acting out the nativity, a Christmas Eve tradition. It doesn't get any better than Parker "Joseph" pulling Bryson "the donkey" by the hair while Shandi "Mary" is about to fall off his back. Except for little Tyler "a wise man" yelling at the other shepherds and wise men when they stole his "golden" from his little box he was carrying. Adorable.

We wanted to get out of town for New Years so we decided to head down to Charleston, SC. It was delightful.

Going out to dinner in DC for restaurant week with the girls.
The snow boots Christina finally invested in...a little too late. But they sure are cute.
Shannon's truck.
Trying to clean all the snow off my car.

Van Dorn...a street that usually has hundreds of cars going up and down at any given time.
Our parking lot in the middle of the blizzard.


  1. That snow is CRAZY! It has barely even snowed in Salt Lake and Utah County.... It started snowing a little this morning. But that's the first time in several weeks.

    I didn't even notice there were cars in that last picture until I clicked on it and made it bigger! That's insane!!

    I'm glad you blogged! It's good to hear from you! I love you and miss you!!

  2. Hooray for a blog update :) That snow is so crazy! My house didn't look quite that bad, but similar

  3. I am LOVING looking at all these snow photos from my DC friends. But I'm sure it's not quite as fun being stuck indoors so much. Good luck with everything, good to see another post! :-)

  4. I didn't know you started blogging again! Hurray! You are so cute. And are always up to something fun.

  5. 1st of all...you blogged..yay! I never talk to you so love the updates! And oh my goodness...my DC home looks like my Idaho home, plus some snow! One thing is, as much as I miss you girls I'm so glad I don't live there right now. I would be the one getting up at 6 to go to work with sick people in a blizzard while you guys stayed warm and cozy a sleep in your beds. That would have hurt :) Love ya!