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Thursday, January 27, 2011

What I'm doing now...

I'll tell you what I'm doing now. I am living in Park City, working as a cashier at Deer Valley Ski Resort. And having the time of my life!!

It has been a long time since I have had a job that I enjoyed this much. Those who have known me during the past four years also know that I haven't really loved my job, at all. So liking my job is kind of a new experience for me. For the first few days I laughed at myself and the entire situation. I felt like I had gone back to high school and my days of working at Arctic Circle. But there are so many things I love about my job. And not just my job, but living here in Park City, UT. So here's a list of top 10 things I love about my new life:

1-I get paid to talk to people all day. I have been looking for a job like this for a LONG time. Sure I don't get paid very much, but it's better than nothing.
2-I meet people from all over the world. Deer Valley has some of the greatest snow on earth and it is recognized world wide. People come from all over the world to ski and to work for the season.
3-Half the people I work with are Brazilians so I get to practice my Portuguese all the time.
4-I spend half my time up at a cabin on the slopes and we get to ride the ski lift up in the morning and back down in the afternoon. The views are unbelievable (see photos).
5-Skiing privileges at Deer Valley and other resorts. My new friend Bjorn who has been a ski instructor for years took me out for my very first time ever last week. It was fun, but still slightly stressful. I need to go more.
6-My uniform. I get to wear ski pants and snow boots half the time and the other half black pants and vest that they wash for me. I LOVE not having to decide what to wear to work every day or dress up.
7-I'm closer to family. I got to go to my nephew's 2nd birthday party and my cousin Timothy's farewell talk. I've already seen my parents almost as much in 2011 as I did in 2010. My family is one of the biggest reasons I wanted to be back out West and I'm loving spending time with all of them.
8-The GREAT OUTDOORS. I'm surrounded by it and by people who love it just as much, and more than I do. My first Family Home Evening out here was snow-shoeing up a canyon close to the church. How cool is that? I went show-shoeing and skiing for the first time in the same week!
9-The lack of traffic. Seriously. I still have a little bit of a drive to work, but it's beautiful and I'm never stuck in traffic. Sundance has made things a little bit crazy the last few days, but NOTHING like the greater Washington DC area.
10-The people. I have met so many wonderful new people in the last month and had the chance to reconnect with so many old friends and family. It makes every day exciting. Today I met a woman from Maine who is a surgeon and she has a friend who is a surgeon who just bought a light house! So jealous! I also meet people every day who, once they hear my story, want to give me career advice. So far there has been recommendations for flight attendant, dentist, culinary school, and I'm sure the list will only get better. I was also really fortunate to find a place to live with some great roommates. And I've met new friends from all over the world.

To sum it all up, I love my life. I have no idea what is coming next, but for now I am just enjoying.

Cute little Benson.
The birthday boy Adam.

My first ski lesson with Bjorn.

Isn't it beautiful!!

New friends.


  1. you are too cute. i'm so excited for you! nick would kill (tho probably not a human, thankfully) for skiing privileges. but go for the board! ; )

  2. i <3 your life too! :) so happy!

  3. I love it and I love that you're so happy! Looks like I should start searching now for my very own equivalent to your Park City cashier job. :) So happy for your new adventures, but I still miss you just a smidge. Keep having adventures and telling us about them. Love you!

  4. It's been awhile Becca. Maybe now that you are closer you can come to the next JLI get together. So glad you are happy! (BTW, it's Lani)

  5. Hi Becca!! This is GREAT! I'm so happy you are doing a job that you love!! I'm so jealous! I want to live in Park City! you can stop by our little blog anytime! jimmy-julienewton.blogspot.com

  6. Let me know when you have a day off and I'll come skiing with you!!! This post is the happiest of happy.

  7. You are back in Utah!!! Yay!!! That is so cool you are working at a ski resort and loving it so much. They are so lucky to have you! Good luck with the ski lessons, I'm sure you'll be a pro by the time you leave!

  8. We are glad that you are back too! And all I gotta say is that Bjorn looked all too willing to be in a ski lift with you! :) Plus, I must say, he had a pretty awesome ski get-up on!