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Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer o' Fun #2 - Memorial Day Weekend and Bluegrass Festival

I know that you've all been waiting anxiously to read more about my summer.
I can't believe that we're already at the end of it. How did that happen? Where did the last few months go?
Once again, this will be a brief update, with LOTS of photos!! This is the second but there will be two more coming soon!!

This is how we started out our Memorial Day weekend in Southern California. Katie got into a crazy bicycle accident a few weeks before (not her fault) and her knee was broken. So Colton and I and others got to be helpers all weekend. It was great for getting through airport security. Straight to the front of the line. Katie was I'm sure less than thrilled about this, but she didn't complain once. She is so tough.Next to the night time segway tour that I once did with my sister in DC, this was probably the best touristy activity I have ever participated in. Yes, these are Gocars. The cure for boring tours of city sights. It is a GPS that gives you a tour if you stay on a certain route. We did downtown San Diego and it was so much fun to be cruising down the streets in this little guy!!
By all the big ships.
The Gaslamp district.Of course we had to go through the drive-thru at McDonald's to get Katie's favorite treat. Don't worry, we had the cashier take the picture for us.
My dear MTC friend Maren who is lives in Pacific Beach hosted us for the first few nights we were there. She is a gem. So wonderful to catch up with old friends. So many good memories.Tyler was our gracious host. Well technically his parents were, but either way we appreciated it greatly. Such a beautiful home and kind people.We stopped by the newly remodeled Mormon battalion visitors center. They have all sorts of fun stuff there. We were really excited about the panning for gold.I'm grateful for running water.Katie realizing she is VERY grateful for washing machines.Our faces in this are priceless. Katie was REALLY excited to be in this wagon.
The crutches also served as great props throughout the weekend.Hmm, what a lovely lighthouse. And if you can't tell, that's Katie and I standing in front of it. This is a perfect example of what happens when you ask someone else to take your photos for you...
Brittany Watson, soon to be Jeppson. One of my all time favorite people happened to be in SoCal that weekend and I took advantage of the chance to see her. She is getting married and moving to Denmark and DC will miss her greatly.My freshman roommate Vauri and her adorable children. I hadn't seen them in years and I took advantage of being down there to catch up. Oh the silly boys.The crew at the Dodgers game. One of the funnest baseball games I've been to due to the fact that the Dodgers barely won in the 9th inning!! We were sitting in the middle of the serious fan section. I felt bad I wasn't wearing blue. I became friends with the guy next to me and he was giving me all the stats on the players. Loved it.This is my friend Bill. Attorney by day, musician by night. He has a great love for Bluegrass music and festivals. I always love experiencing new things so my cohort in crime Emily and I planned to attend a festival with him. "THE" festival, according to him. It was in Gettysburg, PA from Friday to Sunday and we camped in a field with all the other bluegrass lovers. The weather was wonderful, the music was magical and the people watching was plentiful. Our little campsite. Just cooking up some oatmeal for breakfast. Turns out the Vibe is perfect for field camping.

Some of Em's photography. Gettysburg is a beautiful little area and we spent part of Saturday visiting some of the sights. One of my favorite moments is reading the Gettysburg address while standing where Lincoln would have stood. Truly inspiring.The weekend's participants:
Bill - the true Bluegrass authority. We were lucky to be with him. He was giving us all sorts of inside information.

Me - a lover of music and camping, especially together.
Em - The girl who is always up for any adventure especially if it involves dancing and singing in the streets.The most disappointing taco salad we had ever seen. It was just one of many food disasters that weekend.
Hahaha, one of Em's better ideas. She was using the tarp to see if she could fly. Just look how fun that is! Yes it's true, Alison Krauss and Union Station. Sigh, it was truly beautiful music.The cute couple who we sat by all weekend. They have just been married a few years and they came to the Bluegrass festival for their honeymoon so they come every year. They were great.


  1. Joy, Bliss, and Happiness!!!! Oh can we please go back...like now? Oh I love our lives when we're together! Laughing, dancing, singing...can life get any better? I submit it cannot!

  2. Love the pics and the update, as usual. It looks like your trip to California was packed with friends as it was, but I would just like to whisper in your ear that I live down here too and would love to be considered for the visiting list next time you're in the area. Keep enjoying life!