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Monday, April 20, 2009

Stomp the Yard??

First of all, this happened quite a long time ago, in February to be exact, but I never got around to blogging about it because there were too many other things going on and because I was waiting for my mom to see if she could find a video of me from high school when I did a step routine for half time at a basketball game. The video could not be found, but I just went back and watched all of these videos and remembered why I wanted to write about it so much.
My friend Amanda had some co-workers who were participating in George Washington University's Annual Step competition and when she mentioned it I immediately asked when and where. We gathered quite a group for what turned out to be an incredible show. These two videos are a sampling of what we watched for many hours that night. Most of the groups were from fraternities or sororities, but these two are high school groups that performed as "opening acts". They were actually better than most of the college groups. (seeing these girls dance reminded me of Amber, Anna and Syd doing their step routine)

I have never been to a step competition before, but ever since seeing "Stomp the Yard" I have wanted to desperately. This was a dream come true! I became friends with the girl sitting next to me and I asked her all sorts of ridiculous questions through out the night. She was great and explained everything to me. One of my favorite tidbits was that the mean looks they have on their faces while stepping is called "grit". This photo is of us practicing our grit during intermission. Which brings me to my other favorite part of the night. During intermission, the entire auditorium got on their feet and it turned into a huge dance party!!! Not kidding, the emcee was calling out songs to the DJ and there were people up on stage dancing. Wow, I loved every second of it!!! Did I mention that we were pretty much the only white people there as well? Loved that too. The whole auditorium felt like one big party with people chanting and cheering on their favorites. It was definitely an audience participation performance. This is something they apparently do quite frequently, and I can't wait to go to another one.

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  1. Hope you don't think I am nuts checking out your blog every so often. You remind me so much of me. I LOVE dancing. It's a dream I hope to live in my next life because I like doing so much that I couldn't do everything though somehow it seems you are. I took dance in High School and cheered and did Ballroom in college and always went dancing and LOVE it. When I came out to visit Adam I was bummed we didn't get to go dancin' but had an okay time with you and roomies and your tunes but it wasn't what I was thinking. I am super young at heart and I would have had a blast at this Step competition too. Happy for you and hope you find Mr. Right and get to have a bunch of children one day. That is a dream I am happy to be enjoying right now. Takes up a bunch of time but so awesome! Miss you friend. Best wishes for all your dreams!